Informal communication more engaging then formal one

Generation Z – as an enabler – unlock the full potential of cool technologies. And not just in consumer but in the business arena too even in customer services. The shift toward the online proved several expectations. Seems the right now, right here type of services is getting more and more dominant but it is not enough to enchant digitalized population. It must be EEEASY, it must be QUICK and dirty.  The new generation does not prefer any customer service that is very formalized. the informal way seems much acceptable. In the same time they do not expcet any visual services. It must be faceless. Strange, video was the promise of customer services for many years. It will engage the new generation, help customer more effectively but now we know it fails since it is complicated. It is formal and does not add substantial value to consumers. Technology may change that and the virtual reality and new type of display devices and humanization of technology like glasses and holograms bring the video back to the radar screen. Hardly wait …

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